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  22nd January 2019


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Bronte with her pups - Click to Enlarge

Bronte with her pups - Click to Enlarge

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Our aim is to produce healthy, outgoing German Wirehaired Pointer puppies who are breed typical and have a desire to work. We only breed from dogs and bitches of sound temperament, good health, correct construction and that come from proven working lines. We hip score all of our dogs and bitches from whom we wish to breed and these dogs and bitches are also DNA tested clear of Von Willebrand Disease (or they are clear by parentage). We will also test our breeding dogs and bitches by echocardiogram for any signs of Dilated Cardiomyopathy and as other DNA tests are made available for other conditions affecting our breed we will test accordingly, since we take the health and welfare of our dogs and puppies very seriously.

Taking on a GWP puppy (as with any puppy) is a big responsibility, as is finding the right homes for those puppies. When our puppies go to their new homes, we like to keep in touch with our ‘puppy people’ and follow the development of our puppies. We offer lifetime help and advice to our puppy owners. All our puppies are registered with the Kennel Club ‘Progeny Not Eligible for Registration’ and this is to protect our puppies from ending up with puppy farmers and indiscriminate breeders who do not know and understand the lines from which they are breeding and have no intention of offering any backup support. These people exist and are responsible for many of the dogs who appear in GWP Rescue.

If we do not have a puppy available for you we will do our best to point you in the direction of a reputable kennel from which a puppy might be available. We would ask you to consider that in the UK the GWP is not numerically a big breed and not many puppies are registered each year - in fact in 2017 a mere 406 GWP puppies were registered compared to 1,646 German Shorthaired Pointers during the same period. Therefore, in order to find a puppy from a reputable breeder and parents that are health tested you should be prepared to travel and/or wait for the right litter. There is also a list of breeders on the German Wirehaired Pointer Club website - www.gwpcuk.club These breeders are not endorsed by The GWPC and it is your responsibility to contact these breeders and assess for yourself their suitability. From time to time breeders may advertise their litters on the Club website also. 

Our puppies will be docked and microchipped. They will be reared in our home and as such will be accustomed to the hustle and bustle of family life. As they grow they will have the freedom to explore their surroundings, our home and garden and once they are old enough we encourage visitors so our puppies are used to meeting people and being handled by them. They will be reared on a natural, raw diet.

Puppies will be ready to go to their new homes at eight weeks of age. When they leave they will have four weeks free insurance which we strongly recommend be continued. They will be accompanied by a Contract of Sale (a written agreement between Klancraig and the new owners), the Kennel Club Registration Documents, a Fact Sheet on the care of the new puppy, a comprehensive Diet Sheet and a generous supply of food and bedding.

Very occasionally we might have an older puppy or young dog or bitch available to rehome in a suitable home. Alternatively you might wish to visit The German Wirehaired Pointer Club breed rescue - www.gwpcuk.club/index.php#gwpc-rescue or the Rescue fb page - https://www.facebook.com/germanwirehairedpointerrescueuk

Klancraig PuppyTed (Klancraig Lord Blackadder)

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