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  22nd January 2019

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January 2019:
     Sherlock’s Health Tests

We recently took Sherlock to Hampton Veterinary Centre in Malpas to have hips and elbows scored. Delighted to say that Euan the vet gave both a thumbs up. Hopefully we will get results in a few weeks.

Following on from that we took both Sherlock and Binna to be hearted tested and are delight to say that both were tested clear of DCM by Echocardiogram examination). There was no sign of any cardiac defect and Doppler examination was used check each valvular area.

November 2018:
     WGDS Shoot Over Day

Binna came to the UK in February fully trained by our friend Nikolay Nedelchev. We’ve spent the summer getting to know her and working with her to over-come the language barrier. Today Gary did his first shoot over with her and was filled with pride to watch her work - covering ground, reading wind and staunch points producing birds and where the guns were successful, never missing a retrieve, even on water.


November 2018:
     WGDS All Aged Field Trial

This weekend Penny dipped her toe back in the Field Trial arena after some 14 or 15 years when she trialled Fergus to gain his Full Champion title.

Coco and Penny travelled to Preston on Saturday for the GWPC Novice Trial at Myerscough, then two days later they attended the WGDS AA Trial. Sadly no awards were given at the AA trial but Coco won the Guns Award.

Gary also entered the WGDS trial - his first ever. Unfortunately, like many other dogs he and Winnie were put out on their first run.

(Photo courtesy of Lloyd Birch)

October 2018:
     Bronte - Sh Ch Kimmax Kiss and Tell for Klancraig JW 04/10/2002 - 18/10/2018

October saw the very best and very worst of living with and loving a dog. At the beginning of the month we were so happy to celebrate Bronte’s 16th birthday but just shortly after it was time to say goodbye to this very special girl.

Amongst her many achievements were -

  • BPIS Gundog Society of Wales 2003
  • Shortlisted BPIS National Gundog 2003
  • Our Dogs Top Puppy 2003
  • RBIS GWPC 25th Anniversary Show (2006) under the lovely Barbara Pinkerton.
  • 6 CC’s 7
  • RCC’s
  • 1st in Novice at Mid Wales Working Gundog Society Working Test 2006.
  • Passed her Bronze Good Citizen Award handled by our daughter Hannah when Han was just 13 years old.

Above and beyond this she was the most beautiful girl inside and out - never a cross word with anyone two legged or four. A fantastic mum to her litter of 13 precious babies. Gary’s trusty side kick on the shoots after Fergus retired and our most beloved family companion to the very end. I’m not very good with words and I’m sure this hasn’t done her justice but she was very loved and will never be replaced.

September 2018:
     GWPC Open Show

Reflecting on a fabulous day judging at the GWPC Open Show at Shirland, very grateful to the Club for inviting me to judge, such a privilege. Thank you to everyone who entered under me, I certainly had some quality dogs and bitches to go over. Really pleased with my final awards and chuffed that my choices were taken sportingly.

I think we all got cold as the judging took place outdoors but it gave the handlers and dogs a better chance at moving and at least the sun shone and the rain held off.

Big thank you to my stewards Mandy Romeo-Dieste and Gail Simmons for their witty company but more importantly for being so organised and helpful.

Last but not least, thanks to the caterers as my lunch was delicious.

August 2018:
     National Gundog Association Champ Show

A great weekend showing the dogs, yesterday at Paignton and then today at National Gundog in Malvern. Think between them Sherlock, Coco and Winnie got every colour.

The star of the weekend had to be Winnie Woo who took Best Veteran today and her second RBCC under breed specialist Maxine McCullough -her first being awarded by breed specialist Alex Newton earlier this year at Bath. A truly versatile girl as she will be on the Welsh moors counting grouse at the weekend with Gary, at the tender age of nine years.

(Photographs courtesy of Dave Donnelly)


July 2018:
     GSPC (NW Group) Working Test

Very proud of Gary and Winnie today winning a very respectable 2nd in Novice at what is recognised to be a very challenging working test.

June 2018:
     Tilly - Abbotsbourne Olympia For Klancraig 10.04.2005 - 18.06.2018

Sad to announce that we have had to say farewell to our beautiful girl Tilly. Such a loving, cheeky girl who always liked to entertain us with her antics. Mother to Flash and Winnie, Grandmother to Coco. We were honoured to have her in our lives and she will never be replaced, although her memory lives on in her offspring.

May 2018:
     Bath Champ Show

Absolutely thrilled to announce that at Bath Champ Show under breed specialist Alex Newton Sherlock won 1st in Puppy Dog, Coco won 1st in a very strong Open Bitch class and Winnie won Veteran Bitch, Best Veteran in Breed and the RBCC.
Thank you Alex for thinking so highly of our dogs.

From left to right Winnie, Coco and Sherlock.

May 2018:
     Worcestershire Gundog Society Working Test

Very proud of Ian taking a 4th in Open with Louie, a great achievement.

April 2018:
     Tilly’s 13th birthday

Happy 13th birthday to our lovely Tilly Tots.

February 2018:
     Binna Vom Tangra Land (Binna)

Very proud to introduce Binna, the latest addition to our family who has travelled to the UK from Bulgaria. Thank you to Nikolay Nedelchev and Olesya Nedelcheva for entrusting this beautiful girl to us. We plan to work Binna on our local shoots and hope to compete with her in the field in the future.

October 2017:
     Bronte’s 15th birthday

Happy 15th birthday to our lovely old lady Bronte.

September 2017:
     Lottie - Kimmax Kiss Kurl For Klancraig

On 1 September, just a month shy of 10 1/2 years of age, we said goodbye to our beautiful Lottie. Admitted to the vet, a week of tests and scans revealed an inoperable tumour in her abdomen and the only option was to let her go. Words cannot describe our feeling of loss at her being taken so young and so unexpectedly but we feel blessed to still have her mum Bronte and sister Indie.

August 2017:
     Sherlock - Germanus Akelaegermaster For Klancraig

This month saw the arrival of the newest addition to the Klancraig family, Sherlock who is to be Penny’s puppy and will be selectively shown and trained for the field.

July 2017:
     GSPA Working Test (Little Dalby)

A great day at the GSPA working test at Little Dalby where Ian and Louie won 1st place in Novice under judge Paul Dark. After a summer of 'knocking on the door' all their hard work paid off and their next appearance will be in Open.

Having won out of Novice last week at the GWPC working test, Penny and Coco made their first appearance in Open under judge Nigel Cox and were delighted to take 4th place - same score as 3rd place but pipped to the post by one mark on their hunting and only 5 points behind the winner.

July 2017: GSPA Working Test (Little Dalby)

July 2017:
     GWPC Working Test

Following on from taking the RBCC at the GWPC Champ Show last Sunday, today Coco won 1st place in Novice at the GWPC Working Test under judge Jonathan Holmes... but if that wasn't enough Ian took 2nd place in Novice with Louie and Gary took 3rd place in Novice with Winnie with only three points between them.

July 2017: GWPC Working Test

July 2017:
     German Wirehaired Pointer Club Breed Championship Show

Well our girls did us proud at the GWP Club Champ show where Winnie won veteran bitch and Coco took 2nd in a very strong open class and then went on to win the RBCC under breed specialist Peter Howard (Tickencote).

July 2017: German Wirehaired Pointer Club Breed Championship Show

June 2017:
     GSPA Working Test (Fairford)

Ian and Louie continue to do well at working tests this summer gaining a 3rd place at Fairford with a brilliant score of 97/100 points. Gary and Winnie just missed being in the cards despite being only 4 points behind Louie. Coco was unable to attend as she was in season

June 2017: GSPA Working Test (Fairford)

May 2017:
     HVS Working Test

From a fabulous entry of 54 dogs in Novice, Ian and Louie took 2nd place, Gary and Winnie took 4th place and even though Penny and Coco were not placed having fluffed their first test, all three dogs took full marks on the hunting test.

May 2017: HVS Working Test

May 2017:
     Worcestershire Gun Dog Society Working Test

Delighted that Gary and Winnie took 2nd place in Novice with the highest score on the hunting test and Penny and Coco were awarded a Certificate of Merit and the Water Judges Award.

May 2017: Worcestershire Gun Dog Society Working Test

March 2015:
     Gretta has found a new home.

Since before Christmas Gretta has been living in her new home with her new companion Willow. From the outset her new owner took her training in hand and within the week she was working on her first ever shoot and continued this almost weekly event throughout the whole of the shooting season.

Words cannot express our gratitude to Ross for taking on our beautiful girl and giving her such a loving and active home - something every wire deserves.

Thank you to everyone who has shown an interest in Gretta.
October 2014:
     This is Gretta, she is three years old and spayed and she is looking for a new home.

Gretta was raised on a small holding with a male GWP, a male yorkshire terrier, two female border terriers and an assortment of other animals including cat(s), ducks, chickens, sheep, donkeys and horses. Unfortunately she did not get on with the yorkie and her owners felt it best to return her to us so that we could find her a new home.

With the basics of sit, stay and recall already in place we have introduced her to the whistle and started some basic gundog training both of which she is picking up really quickly. She heels on the lead very well but pulls a little if she has doggie company. We are now working on extending recall.

She is enjoying the company of Flash her litter brother and is very friendly around people, has a quiet manner in the house, happy to be crated when we go out but does not like being shut in the garden on her own.

We are looking for a home for Gretta with experienced GWP owners or people who have experience of similar strong minded breeds, where she won't be left for long periods of time and would be well exercised. Ideally as an only pet or with a male canine companion.

It would be lovely if she went to a new home with new owners who were interested in continuing her training, although being a loved family companion is number one priority. A calm, structured environment would allow her to thrive.
October 2014:
     The German Wirehaired Pointer Club Open Show

The end of September brought with it the GWPC Open Show. It was glorious weather for late September and the show was well supported, the ringside atmosphere was relaxed and friendly and the catering was excellent.

We were delighted to win Reserve Best Bitch in Show with Coco under judge Mrs Mandy Geary and delighted to take second place with both Coco and Winnie in two well supported 'specials' classes under judge Mr Roger Mann.
June 2014:
     Sh Ch Kimmax Kandy Storm By Klancraig

7 June was a dark day in the Klancraig household as we had to say goodbye to our handsome, gentle, cheeky old boy Ollie - Sh Ch Kimmax Kandy Storm By Klancraig.

This boy like his sire before him, Fergus - Ch Kimmax No Kompromise For Klancraig - had the most wonderful temperament. He had lived his whole life mixing with entire males and females and was never any trouble. He loved people and anyone who came to our home adored him. Having only been given the thumbs up by the vet a few weeks earlier, we were hoping to enjoy another summer in his company but it wasn't to be. Run free at The Bridge Ollie Wollie xx
January 2014:
     Manchester Champ Show

January saw the first Champ show on our show calendar - Manchester, where despite there being no tickets, judge Brenda Banbury had a very good entry of 32. We entered Winnie (Klancraig Artemis) and Coco (Klancraig Making A Komeback) and Ian and Jayne entered Louie (Klancraig Make Mine A Double). Unfortunately Winnie came into season just days before so despite looking stunning got to stay at home. Louie however won a first and Coco a very respectable second.
October 2013:
     Coco' s Hip Score

A few weeks ago we travelled up to Moy Veterinary Centre near Preston to have Coco' s hips scored. The vet that has previously x rayed our dogs has retired and Moy came to us highly recommended. They do the procedure under sedation and are skilled enough to suggest an accurate evaluation of the expected score. We were very happy with the final result back from the BVA of 6:5 (total 11) which is bang on the breed average.
September 2013:
     HWV Association Working Test

We had a great day at the HWV Association Working Test where Gail was running Isla (Klancraig Mrs Miggins) in Special Beginners, Ian ran Louie (Klancraig Make Mine A Double) and Penny ran Coco (Klancraig Making A Komeback) in Puppy and Gary ran Winnie (Klancraig Artemis) in Novice.

For Gail, Ian and Gary this was a first time competing at a working test and all of them did so well. Gary and Winnie achieved a very respectable 89/100 in Novice. Gary and I are so pleased that Gail and Ian have put so much time and effort into training Isla and Louie.

We are looking forward to doing many more working tests together next year.

Jayne with Louie, Gail and Isla, Penny with Coco and Winnie and Gary with Flash after training.

July 2013:
     The GSPA Working Test - Little Dalby

We are delighted to announce that at her first working test Coco (Klancraig Making a Komeback) achieved a second place in Puppy with a score of 88 just one point behind first place.

February 2012:
     Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM)

As discussed on our website the subject of Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) has recently been a topic of coversation in the GWP community following a small number of cases (confirmed and suspected) of DCM appearing in the Breed. As responsible breeders that are passionate about our breed, we embrace any tests which are available for conditions which may affect the GWP.

This being the case we recently took Winnie along to Sarah Smith who is a panel cardiologist based in Derbyshire. Winnie was such a good girl and slept on the table throughout most of the proceedure - I think the highlight of the visit for her was the treats that Sarah gave to her at the end, although this did not go anywhere near making up for the disappointment of not going for the run that she was expecting when she saw me don my dog whistle. Sarah said that everything looked perfect and she was happy to give Winnie a clean bill of health. Obviously we are delighted that Winnie has tested clear of the condition.

The results that Sarah has recorded today will be sent along with a copy of her pedigree to Joanna Dukes McEwan BVMS, MVM, PhD, DVC, Dip.ECVIM-CA(Cardiology), MRCVS of the University of Liverpool Small Animal Hospital who is a leading authority on DCM and has kindly offered to undertake studies on behalf of the German Wirehaired Pointer Club into this condition and how it is currently affecting our breed. Hopefully, the information that Sarah collated will be of some help to Joanna in her research.

August 2011:
     Tilly and Bruno puppies have arrived.

Tilly and Bruno puppies have arrived. Six beautiful babies - four boys and two girls and once again Tilly is proving to be a diligent mum. Please visit the Our Puppies page of the website for more details.

Tilly and Brumo's Puppies

August 2011:
     Tilly Is Expecting Puppies!

Tilly - Abbotsbourne Olympia For Klancraig is expecting puppies - they are due around 13 August 2011. Tilly has been mated to Mandy and Robert Geary's young male Bruno - Germanus Guardian JW (AI). Both Tilly and Bruno are fully health tested and the mating is a complete outcross in that Tilly and Bruno are not related to each other. Puppies will be either black and white or liver and white. For further details please refer to the Our Puppies page of the website or contact Penny on her mobile.

Below are some images of Bruno.

no - Germanus Guardian JW (AI)

no - Germanus Guardian JW (AI)

no - Germanus Guardian JW (AI)

October 2010:
     Winnie's Hip Scores

We were thrilled to receive the results of Winnie's hip scores. She has been scored by the BVA as 3:5. For a more detailed explanation of what is involved in Hip Scoring, please go to the section about Health Issues on the About GWP's page.
October 2010:
     Bronte's 8th Birthday

Bronte was 8 years old on 4 October 2010. This beautiful little lady still continues to charm us with her gentle nature. Happy birthday Bronte.

September 2010:
     German Wirehaired Pointer Club Working Test

It was my pleasure to be invited to judge the Open Water at the recent GWPC Working Test, in association with the Open judge Fiona Wesley. The test was run at St Clears in Carmarthenshire and the grounds were fabulous - especially those made available for the water tests. The Open water test was a blind retrieve onto a gravel shelf on the bend of a narrow but never-the-less, fast running water way which had a steep, well covered entry and an exposed field on the far bank.
July 2010:
     German Wirehaired Pointer Club Championship Dog Show

I was delighted to be invited to judge the Special Bitch Classes at the GWPC Championship Show in July. I had a lovely selection of bitches to go over and would like to thank everyone who supported me with an entry.
June 2010:
     German Wirehaired Pointer Club Meet the Breed Day

This event is becoming an annual get together of enthusiasts from all walks of life within the Breed who are keen to share their knowledge and experience of the Breed with newcomers or those interested in owning a GWP. Having previously organised this event, it was nice this year to attend and judge the 'Fun Dog Show'. It was a great day out with a lovely, friendly atmosphere.
April 2010:
     German Wirehaired Pointer Club Breed Specific Seminar

Lottie and I were invited to attend this Seminar, where Lottie participated as one of the assessment dogs for up and coming 'judges' of the Breed. The event was a testament to the temperaments of all five dogs in attendance who spent a long, hot afternoon 'standing' and 'moving' for numerous judges to assess them.
March 2010:
     Crufts 2010

This year we only entered Lottie at Crufts, since being docked Winnie was not eligible to enter. Despite the fact that Lottie was not in the cards, we had a lovely day meeting up with old friends and catching up on gossip and we were delighted that Lottie's litter sister Kizzie (Kimmax Kissable at Abbotsbourne) took Reserve in Limit Bitch (not at all bad considering it was only her second time out at a show) and litter brother Milo (Kimmax Kiss My Brass) won the Good Citizen Dog class.
January 2010:
     Winnie's first show

January saw the arrival of Winnie's first show which was Manchester Dog Show, under judge Mr Tony Taylor. Although this was a Championship Dog Show there were no tickets available for GWP's but since it was a local show to us, it was a good opportunity for Winnie to experience the hustle and bustle of a big show. She was a very good girl and wasn't at all phased by the crowds, the noise or the other dogs and we were delighted with her 4th place in the Puppy Bitch Class.
August 2009:
     Paignton & District Fanciers Association

We were unable to attend this show but Maxine kindly took and handled Lottie (Kimmax Kiss Kurl For Klancraig) to gain her second Reserve Challenge Certificate under judge Freda Marshall.
July 2009:
     Introducing Winnie - Klancraig Artemis

We would like to introduce Winnie - Klancraig Artemis - who is the puppy bitch that we have chosen to keep from our Tilly/Timo litter.

Winnie - Klancraig Artemis

Since Tilly's registered Kennel Club name is Abbotsbourne Olympia we decided to name her puppies after the Greek Gods and Goddesses otherwise known as the Olympians and of course Artemis is the Goddess of the Hunt.

Like all of the puppies in this litter Winnie has a very sweet but confident and outgoing nature. She is docked and therefore will only be selectively shown but we hope to have lots of fun training and working her too.

May 2009:
     Tilly’s puppies arrive!

Tilly has given birth to eight beautiful puppies, five girls and three boys and mum and babies are doing well.

For further details please visit the Our Puppies page of the website.

April 2009:
     Tilly is having puppies!

We are delighted to announce that following a scan yesterday, we can confirm that Tilly (Abbotsbourne Olympia for Klancraig) is ‘with child’. Hopefully puppies will arrive on or around 20th May 2009. For further details please visit the Our Puppies page of our website.
March 2009:

We had a good day at Crufts today with Lottie (Kimmax Kiss Kurl for Klancraig) winning a strong limit bitch class and her litter brother Milo (Kimmax Kiss My Brass) also taking the red card in limit dog – well done Paul and Milo.

Lottie and Milo’s sire, Plumley (Abbotsbourne Piccadilly JW) took third in open dog behind the CC and RCC winners and their Grandma, Parsley (Abbotsbourne First Contact) was 5th in veteran bitch.

Another of Lottie's siblings was at Crufts on each of the four days. Helen and Dilise (Kimmax Kiss N Make Up) were representing the Safe and Sound Team and took part in their demonstrations. I am sure that by the time they got home on Sunday evening they were both shattered!

October 2008:
     Midland Counties

We had a great day at Midland Counties Champ Show under the well known and highly respected judge Frank Kane. Including our own Lottie, there were four of Bronte's puppies from her litter last year in attendance at the show - of course they are not puppies now!

We were delighted to take the reserve bitch CC with Bronte (Kimmax Kiss Kurl For Klancraig) who won limit bitch, Milo (Kimmax Kiss My Brass) won limit dog handled by Paul Gardiner, Dilise (Kimmax Kiss N Make Up) was third in post graduate bitch handled by Helen Hinks and Bryony (Kimmax Kiss Me Kwik) - making her Champ show debute - took VHC in post graduate bitch handled by Martha Beecham who made an excellent job of showing Bryony who is more accustomed to the agility ring.

Frank was very complimentary about both Lottie and Milo and assured me that once Lottie is 'finished' we will have no trouble making her up. Let's hope he is correct!

Congratulations to all four of them.

August 2008:
     July 2009

We would like to introduce Winnie - Klancraig Artemis - who is the puppy bitch that we have chosen to keep from our Tilly/Timo litter. Since Tilly's registered Kennel Club name is Abbotsbourne Olympia we decided to name her puppies after the Greek Gods and Goddesses otherwise known as the Olympians and of course Artemis is the Goddess of the Hunt.

Like all of the puppies in this litter Winnie has a very sweet but confident and outgoing nature. She is docked and therefore will only be selectively
shown but we hope to have lots of fun training and working her too.


August 2008:

Lottie (Kimmax Kiss Kurl for Klancraig) won the Junior Bitch class under judge Sandra Marshall. Since I was unable to attend myself, thanks go to Tracy Cartwright for taking Lottie to the show and to Maxine McCullough and Sarah Turner for handling her in her class and the Challenge.

August 2008:
     National Gundog Association

Lottie (Kimmax Kiss Kurl for Klancraig) took second place in Junior Bitch under judge Pat Dempster. Her litter sister Dilise (Kimmax Kiss N Make Up) owned by Helen Hinks took Reserve in the same class and their litter brother Milo (Kimmax Kiss My Brass) owned by Paul Gardiner was third in Post Graduate Dog.

July 2008

Tamworth and District Canine Society Open Show

On Saturday Lottie (Kimmax Kiss Kurl for Klancraig) attended the Tamworth and District Canine Society Open Show where the judge was Sarah Turner (Abbotsbourne). Since we have spent the weekend moving house, Tracy Cartwright (Mikicin) was kind enough to take Lottie to the show and Maxine McCullough (Kimmax) handled her.

We were delighted that Lottie took Best of Breed and then went on to take Group 2.

Well done Lottie and thanks to Sarah for giving her BOB and Tracy and Maxine for their help on the day.

June 2008
  Heather Rose is doing a Sky Dive at Whitchurch on 5 September 2008 and monies raised will go to GWPC Rescue and some to the Samantha Dixon Brain Tumour Trust. So far Heather has about £700 pledged but obviously has to cover the cost of the jump from this. Any sponsorship people will offer is very much appreciated. For further details or to make a pledge contact Heather on hev379@hotmail.com
June 2008
  The German Wirehaired Pointer Club held it’s second Meet the Breed Day on 29 June at Shirland village hall. Last year the weather was splendid and the venue chosen served its purpose well. However, this year the GWPC Committee decided not to take any chances and to make a change of venue just in case the weather was not so kind in which case, the demonstrations could be moved in doors. A wise choice given the weather on the day which started bright and sunny but this gave way to torrential rain in the afternoon.

There were numerous demonstrations and plenty too see and do and the atmosphere on the day was really friendly and all the dogs well behaved.

I think the GWPC should be congratulated for hosting such a successful day which will hopefully have made plenty of money for the GWPC Rescue.

For further details and pictures see Klancraig Chat.

June 2008

Lottie (Kimmax Kiss Kurl for Klancraig) wins VHC in the Petplan Junior Stakes class at Three Counties expertly handled by our good friend Maxine McCullough.

Not content with that win, Lottie then went on to win the bitch ticket at Three Counties Champ Show (handled by Penny) at the tender age of fourteen months under breed specialist judge Barbara Stamp (Tynsil). Let's hope that she is now on the way to following in the footsteps of her mother Bronte (Sh Ch Kimmax Kiss and Tell For Klancraig JW) and grandmother Willow (Ch Kimmax Rock the Kasbar at Chiparus).

June 2008
  Milo (Kimmax Kiss My Brass) and Paul completed their hat-trick by winning the puppy class at the Mid Wales Working Test at Rorrington with a spectacular 79/80 points. Well done!
June 2008
  The German Wirehaired Pointer Club is holding a Meet the Breed Day on Sunday 29 June 2008 at Shirland Village Hall, Alfreton, Derbyshire (note this is a change of venue to the one advertised in the Club Newsletter). This is an opportunity for enthusiasts to meet other owners and breeders, to watch a variety of demonstrations and take part in a scurry or fun dog show (all breeds), the proceeds for which are going to the GWPC Rescue. There will be a tombola, raffle and refreshments.

The day starts at 10.00 am, it is free and open to everyone and their dogs (any breed).

For further details see the GWPC website on www.gwpclub.co.uk

June 2008
  Congratulations once again to Paul and Milo (Kimmax Kiss My Brass) who win the puppy class (second week running) at the Worcester Gundog Society Working Test which was held at Sudeley Castle. Milo won with a score of 96 points out 100 and there were twenty puppies competing.
May 2008
  Congratulations to Paul and Milo (Kimmax Kiss My Brass) who win their first official Kennel Club Test at the Hungarian Vizsla Working Test which was held at Cornbury Park. Milo won the puppy class where twenty puppies were entered, with 94 points out of 100.
May 2008
  Bath Champ Show

Paul Gardiner with Milo (Kimmax Kiss My Brass) – 1st in Novice Dog
Helen Hinks with Dilise (Kimmax Kiss N Make Up) – 3rd in Junior Bitch
Our own Lottie (Kimmax Kiss Kurl For Klancraig) – Res in Junior Bitch
May 2008  

Congratulations to Paul Gardiner and Milo who competed in his first working event at the Swifthouse Test of Work.

The judge was Chris Guest and Milo won 90/100 to take fourth place in Puppy. Well done to them both.

April 2008

Congratulations to Chris Chubb and Lücce who recently competed in his first working test at Durley. Lücce - Kimmax Kiss This – is litter brother to Milo (Kimmax Kiss My Brass) and our own Lottie and Chunky Monkey.

The judge was Sue Pitman who commented to Chris what a smashing Field Trial dog Lücce would eventually make. He was awarded 25/25 for his hunting, 25/25 for a memory test, 24/25 on his obedience test and 17/25 on the water. The winner had a score of 96, Lücce 91 - one point more and he would have taken third place in puppy. As it was he came a very respectable fifth. Well done to them both.

March 08

We had a lovely day at Crufts and were delighted that so many of our 'puppy people' made the journey to come and support us and say hello.

We took Fergus (Ch Kimmax No Kompromise For Klancraig), Bronte (Sh Ch Kimmax Kiss and Tell For Klancraig JW), Ned (Kobnko Y R Ova the Pond to Klancraig) and Lottie (Kimmax Kiss Kurl For Klancraig).

Our friend Paul Gardiner was also there with his Bronte son Milo, Kimmax Kiss My Brass.

The results were as follows:

Fergus - 2nd Veteran Dog
Ned - 2nd Post Graduate Dog
Milo - 2nd Good Citizen Dog Scheme
Lottie - Reserve Special Puppy Bitch
Bronte - 1st Good Citizen Dog Scheme handled by Maxine McCullough

Penny also handled Lewis (Kimmax Kanna B Bothered with Rieyonne) owned by friends Marie Petry and Yvonne Avard to win Reserve in Limit Dog.

Plumley (Abbotsbourne Piccadilly JW) owned by Sarah Turner and sire to Lottie and Milo won Reserve in Open Dog.

.: For full details of the results of the GWP's at Crufts 2008 click Here :.

Congratulations to everyone who won awards on the day.

March 08
  Dilise (Kimmax Kiss N Make Up) owned by Helen and Rob Hinks passes her Gold Good Citizen. Well done Helen and Dilise.
January 2008   Milo (Kimmax Kiss My Brass) owned by Paul Gardiner (Eucrates) passes his Silver Good Citizen Award. He is scheduled to take his Gold award in March. Well done Paul and Milo.
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